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At Majaz project, we extend a heartfelt welcome to all who share our passion for celebrating and preserving the rich tapestry of our local culture and heritage. Despite the complex political situations that we live in the Golan Heights, like echoes of occupation and wars that surround us, we as a community managed to adapt to every problem that we faced, flourish and prosper in all fields of life, making an example for future generations.


Majaz opened its doors for the first time on 21.1.2016, it was founded by the married couple Diala Madah/Halabi and Aiman Halabi. Majaz center initially focused on fine arts, teaching painting and sculpture to enthusiastic locals. As time passed, the center expanded its offerings to include music education in a systematic manner. The center provided structured lessons in various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, oud, violin, as well as vocal training and drumming. This expansion broadened the center's appeal, transforming it into a comprehensive hub for arts education.


Majaz center played a pivotal role in fostering positive change within our community by diversifying its offerings and organizing a wide range of cultural events. From lively musical concerts and thought-provoking cultural seminars to captivating theatrical activities and inspiring art exhibitions. Additionally, it introduced unique initiatives such as artistic embroidery workshops and poetry seminars. The center also developed walking trails that allowed residents to delve into the rich heritage of our region, learning about its history, traditions, and landmarks. Furthermore, film enthusiasts gathered at the center for cinematography events, where they could enjoy and discuss compelling movies from various genres.


As you navigate through our site, you'll uncover the story behind our center, its cultural significance, the range of enriching programs and events we offer, and the wonderful people who breathe life into this space. We're more than just a cultural center; we're a community dedicated to sharing, celebrating, and preserving the beautiful tapestry of our local traditions. Whether you're a long-standing member of our cultural family or a newcomer curious to learn and share, you're welcome here. We invite you to engage, connect, and, most importantly, be inspired.

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